Cyber Dust Tip #6: Blast Lists

How to Use Blast Lists. Blasts are a great way to share content with multiple followers at once. However, there are times when you only want to send a blast to a select group of friends or coworkers. With Blast lists, you can quickly accomplish this task. A Blast list is a pre-made selection of your Cyber Dust friends you can quickly send a Blast to without sifting through all of your contacts. Once.. Read More

Cyber Dust Tip #5: Muting Blasts vs. Blocking Users

mute blasts

Muting Blasts vs. Blocking Users Muting blasts and/or blocking users allows you to control what content you receive on Cyber Dust. Muting a user’s blasts means you will no longer receive blast messages from that user but does NOT prevent a user from sending you dusts (private messages). Blocking a user blocks all forms of communication between you and the blocked user, preventing them from dusting you, sending you blasts, or receiving your blasts.   We explain more.. Read More

GIFS on Cyber Dust just got a lot more fun !!!

giphy CD final

You can now send GIFs powered by Giphy. Just type :giphy in a private dust room or a text blast! Sending a GIF is simple! Type :giphy that’s colon giphy then a word or phrase DUST: In a dust room, simply type and send :giphy followed by a key word or phrase and Giphy will automatically send a GIF from their library based on what you typed. BLAST: In a text blast, simply enter the same.. Read More

Cyber Dust Tip #4: Public vs. Private Blasts

Cyber Dust Tip #4: Public vs. Private Blasts   Cyber Dust allows you to choose whether you want your blasts to be public or private. We explain the difference between the two below.   Check “make public” to make your Blast public,  uncheck to make your blast private.     Public Blasts   A public blast shows up in the blast tab with a preview of what is inside the blast, and can be.. Read More

Cyber Dust Tip #3: Hide Blast Previews

Cyber Dust Tip #3: Hide Blast Previews Blast previews can be a great tool for quickly finding the content you want to view, but we also understand that some users want to keep the blasts they receive off of the Cyber Dust home screen. With the latest Android and iOS updates, users now how the option to turn off Blast previews off. Follow the instructions below hide/show previews in the Blast tab: iOS.. Read More

iOS Update 2.8.3: What’s New?

Cyber Dust iOS 2.8.3 Today we’re happy to announce the release of Cyber Dust 2.8.3 for iOS devices. Aside from bug fixes, this update contains new tools and features to help you share your Cyber Dust profile with friends on other networks as well as an improved Blast system. In this post, we’ll take you through the update to help you use Cyber Dust to its full potential: Easily share your profile to your social.. Read More

Cyber Dust Tip #2: Blast Content With The Share Tool

Cyber Dust Tip #2: The Share Tool Sharing is caring! That’s why Cyber Dust created a tool to help you quickly blast out content to your followers and friends. This post explains how to use the Cyber Dust share extension to send web links from your mobile browser. This feature is currently available on iOS and Android and coming to Windows devices soon. iOS   Android   Questions or comments? Be sure to.. Read More

Cyber Dust Tip #1: Control Your Notifications

Cyber Dust Tip #1: With the latest version of Cyber Dust, users now have the ability to control their notifications with more precision than ever before. Here are some tips to make your Cyber Dust experience even better. iOS Off A user will no longer receive Blast notifications. The user will continue to receive Dust conversations however. Periodic A notification is pushed to a user’s phone every two hours alerting him or her.. Read More

Introducing The New Cyber Dust


  We are excited to announce that today we are releasing a major update to both our Android and iOS apps. The entire team has been hard at work for months listening to your feedback and building features, and we are very excited to share them with our users. We focused on updating two major aspects of Cyber Dust: the way you consume content, and the encryption that ensures all content you share is.. Read More

Providing Value on Cyber Dust

The number 1 question I’m asked on Cyber Dust is “How do I get more followers?”, followed by “I’m new here, can you blast my account so I can get followers”?. I have more followers on Cyber Dust than all of my other social networks combined. It didn’t come from asking either of those two questions. I generated my followers through content. “content is king”. You’ve probably heard that phrase more times than.. Read More