The Advantage Of The Inline

The Flaws of the Timeline The timeline has become the de facto paradigm for the web’s largest social media platforms in the past 10 years. From Facebook to Twitter, the linear timeline determines what content consumers encounter as they scroll through the homepages of their favorite sites. Facebook users originally saw most of their friends’ content, including pictures, video, status updates, and links. However, as the timeline continues to undergo changes, the algorithm.. Read More

“But I Don’t Have Anything to Hide” – The Case for Why Your Privacy Should Matter to You

It’s easy to dismiss the need for an everyday person to maintain privacy when it comes to communication online. While there have been a slew of data breeches in the past 12 months, chances are you were not a target of the attack. First high profile individuals iCloud accounts were compromised and private photos were leaked online, then thousands of snapchat accounts were accessed and photos which had been secretly archived were released… Read More