Ditch the business cards.. Cyber Dust is the new way to network

The other day I cleaned out my purse & I had at least 100 business cards sitting in the bottom of it. I threw them away. I’m sure they were from awesome people I met that I would love to do business with, but there was no way I was going to spend the time to find out. I have moved all my networking efforts to an app called Cyber Dust. I was.. Read More

Using Cyber Dust for Business, Better than Twitter Long-Term?

Using Cyber Dust for business might be a better social media app than Twitter for true engagement and conversion.   Why? Some of Cyber Dust’s benefits for business are in the very nature of how communication works differently on Mark Cuban’s creation than its cousin, Twitter.   Broadcasting (Twitter) vs. Narrowcasting (Cyber Dust)   In Twitter, what you post is viewable to the general public and anyone can find it. While this is.. Read More