Cyber Dust | Mark Cuban’s Privacy Keystroke Of Genius

  The tension between technology and privacy is not new.  Imagine the excitement of the first man to hold a pair of binoculars, before the world knew that such a thing could even exist.  He could see what others thought was safely hidden.  (Boobs, one only assumes.)  Granted, the power to invade privacy with complete freedom can have its downside; just ask Gollum. The tension between technology and privacy is not new.  Imagine.. Read More

Cyber Dust is Going to Change Business and Networking.

  For the past year, I’ve been blasting PR tips on Cyber Dust. It’s the only platform that I do this, because of the audience. If I were to put daily PR tips on Facebook and Twitter, I would get zero interaction. Why? Because Cyber Dust is a community of people who want to improve their lives and business. The other social networks are mostly for time-killing entertainment or news gathering. I was.. Read More

Five Times People Probably Wished They Had Used Cyber Dust

As social media becomes a ubiquitous form of daily communication, mistakes are bound to happen. Meet five people who wished they had used Cyber Dust instead.   1. It’s never wise to post incendiary tweets about your employer, but Cella here one upped anybody who has been fired over tweets, thanks to a complete lapse in judgement she lost her job before her first day.   2. Nyjah’s unfortunate mistaken sext teaches us a.. Read More