Providing Value on Cyber Dust

The number 1 question I’m asked on Cyber Dust is “How do I get more followers?”, followed by “I’m new here, can you blast my account so I can get followers”?. I have more followers on Cyber Dust than all of my other social networks combined. It didn’t come from asking either of those two questions. I generated my followers through content. “content is king”. You’ve probably heard that phrase more times than.. Read More

This Week in Privacy – A Weekly Recap

New UK Legislation Will Force Google, Facebook and Others to Decrypt Messages to British Intelligence Agency MI5 The Investigatory Powers Bill proposed by the Conservatives will require tech companies to comply with new policies aimed at helping spy agencies monitor terror suspects and intercept their communications at will. In a speech in January Prime Minister David Cameron said: There should be no “means of communication” which “ we cannot read” and promised “a.. Read More

Permanent Social Media: What’s The Point?

Some people speculate that life flashes before your eyes during a near-death experience . A concept far older than than the internet, this “life review” provides the seer with an omniscient perspective beyond normal sight. These days, a near death experience is no longer needed for a chronological review of your accomplishments and mistakes. The social media sector has created a permanent online archive of your photos, thoughts, videos, and memories, and all.. Read More