The number 1 question I’m asked on Cyber Dust is “How do I get more followers?”, followed by “I’m new here, can you blast my account so I can get followers”?. I have more followers on Cyber Dust than all of my other social networks combined. It didn’t come from asking either of those two questions. I generated my followers through content. “content is king”. You’ve probably heard that phrase more times than once. It’s true. Even if I did blast your account and boosted your followers, it doesn’t matter if half of them mute you due to poor content.

Cyber Dust is a platform that encourages people to provide good content and interact. Popularity doesn’t matter, because nobody can see your following. Today marks the one year anniversary of my visit to Cyber Dust HQ. I remember working towards that 100# mark of followers. Not many people were on Cyber Dust and the climb was slow. I stuck with it because I believed in the networking aspect of it and where the app was headed. I believed in it because out of my whopping 67 followers, almost all 67 of them provided me with opportunities and encouragement. That’s a lot less than what I could say about my 5k Facebook followers.

My 67 followers all watched my leap of faith to embark on new ventures. They provided guidance and helped me get my first clients. Why were these people so nice? What provoked them to help me? Consistent content.

I knew I had knowledge that other Entrepreneurs wanted to know. Instead of always selling my followers, I was providing value. It doesn’t matter what business you’re in, if you can consistently provide value.. you’re followers will grow to respect you. Notice those three words. Consistent. Value. Respect. All three of these things result in great content. Were there times that I needed sales and wondered how I was going to pay my next bill? Sure. I knew that selling my followers wouldn’t gain respect. Sure, I could’ve gained a few clients… but respect lasts a lot longer than a PR contract.

My point of this blog is to reach those just joining Cyber Dust. You can’t join with the mindset that you’re going to see an immediate ROI. You have to join with the mindset that you’re going to provide the platform with information that will help your followers succeed. Admittedly, I don’t always blast the perfect content. However, after a year of serving my followers.. I’ve built a loyalty. This loyalty gives me room to genuinely be myself and not get muted. We are all in business, so self-promotion is inevitable. If you’re new to Cyber Dust, you have to build your loyalty before selling yourself. If you go right out of the gate by selling yourself, you may think you’re blasting 500 followers.. when in reality 450 have muted you.

Everyone has a different reason for being on Cyber Dust, but I know that there is huge population of business owners that want to grow their network. The only way for us all to grow this network as a whole is to provide quality content. The less we provide value, the less we gain traction. The less we gain traction, the less it becomes attractive for other business owners to join that we want to network with. This platform isn’t about you, it’s about community. Make Cyber Dust work for you and follow the accounts that interest you. Provide content that will attract the people you want to interact with.

Why do I care so much? Why am I so confident about this platform? Consistently providing content on Cyber Dust led to real business, real money and real relationships. I recently reached out to the Cyber Dust community and asked for leads to help jumpstart a new app I created. It was my first time in a year to truly ask dusters for assistance. I still have more leads than I can keep up with. Why? Because people are more eager to help people that help them. Had I started promoting my app and not providing value, I have no doubt in my mind that I would’ve ended up with zero leads.

If you are still reading this, I assume you’re serious about building your followers. Not just for the popularity, but for the relationships. If you believe in Cyber Dust like I do, then do your part and provide value. There is no downside, and you’ll be surprised how the platform will work for you when you work for the platform.