We are excited to announce that today we are releasing a major update to both our Android and iOS apps. The entire team has been hard at work for months listening to your feedback and building features, and we are very excited to share them with our users.

We focused on updating two major aspects of Cyber Dust: the way you consume content, and the encryption that ensures all content you share is completely safe.

When you open the Android or iOS app you will notice that things look a little different:


Dusts and Blasts are now separated and live in their own tabs
You can see what type of content is in your dust room via preview badges

ios_0001_message   android_0003_dusts

You can also preview blast messages before opening them


When you open a blast you will be able to swipe between all your blasts

ios_swipe     android swipe


You can preview a URL before opening in your web browser
Text over images is now interactive, meaning you can tap usernames in captions


We have also added a few new ways to help you manage your incoming messages and alerts, we hope you are as excited about them as we are.

  • you will only receive a re-blast once, no matter how many of your friends re-blast it
  • you can now disable push notifications for blasts
  • and finally, we have removed that pesky banner alert

From a security standpoint we have made some major advances in our encryption methods, meaning your data is now more private and secure than ever. 

Whether you’re sending a Dust to one person or sending a Blast that goes out to every follower in your network, our dusts provide absolute discretion and can never be recovered once they’re gone. We’ve achieved this in two ways: heavily encrypting each dust sent and never writing your dusts to permanent storage. Dusts and Blasts only exist in memory, permanently vanishing from existence no more than 100 seconds after they’re read or after 24 hours if they go unopened. Also, every message is protected with its own unique 128-bit AES encryption which is further secured by an RSA 2048-bit key.

We appreciate all of your feedback and suggestions in helping us to better understand how you, our users, use Cyber Dust.

Get the new Cyber Dust for Android here and for iOS here.

Let us know what you think in the comments below, or dust us at +cdteam on Cyber Dust.


The Cyber Dust Team