Cyber Dust Tip #3: Hide Blast Previews

Cyber Dust Tip #3: Hide Blast Previews Blast previews can be a great tool for quickly finding the content you want to view, but we also understand that some users want to keep the blasts they receive off of the Cyber Dust home screen. With the latest Android and iOS updates, users now how the option to turn off Blast previews off. Follow the instructions below hide/show previews in the Blast tab: iOS.. Read More

iOS Update 2.8.3: What’s New?

Cyber Dust iOS 2.8.3 Today we’re happy to announce the release of Cyber Dust 2.8.3 for iOS devices.¬†Aside from bug fixes, this update contains new tools and features to help you share your Cyber Dust profile with friends on other networks as well as an improved Blast system. In this post, we’ll take you through the¬†update to help you use Cyber Dust to its full potential: Easily share your profile to your social.. Read More

Cyber Dust Tip #2: Blast Content With The Share Tool

Cyber Dust Tip #2: The Share Tool Sharing is caring! That’s why Cyber Dust created a tool to help you quickly blast out content to your followers and friends. This post explains how to use the Cyber Dust share extension to send web links from your mobile browser. This feature is currently available on iOS and Android and coming to Windows devices soon. iOS   Android   Questions or comments? Be sure to.. Read More

Cyber Dust Tip #1: Control Your Notifications

Cyber Dust Tip #1: With the latest version of Cyber Dust, users now have the ability to control their notifications with more precision than ever before. Here are some tips to make your Cyber Dust experience even better. iOS Off A user will no longer receive Blast notifications. The user will continue to receive Dust conversations however. Periodic A notification is pushed to a user’s phone every two hours alerting him or her.. Read More