Cyber Dust Tip #2: The Share Tool

Sharing is caring! That’s why Cyber Dust created a tool to help you quickly blast out content to your followers and friends. This post explains how to use the Cyber Dust share extension to send web links from your mobile browser. This feature is currently available on iOS and Android and coming to Windows devices soon.


Click the "Share Button" at the bottom of Safari.
Click the “Share Button” at the Bottom of Safari.
Click the "more" button to the right of your share tools.
Click the “More” Button
Locate the Cyber Dust Switch.
Locate the Cyber Dust Switch
Turn the "Cyber Dust" Switch On to Activate the Share Tool
Turn the “Cyber Dust” Switch On To Activate the Share Tool
Tap "Done" and Tap "Cyber Dust" Next to the Other Share Tools.
Tap “Done” and Tap “Cyber Dust” Next to the Other Share Tools.
A window will appear with the blast tool. The link and page title will automatically populate in the text field.
A Window Will Appear with the Blast Tool. The Link and Page Title Will Automatically Populate in the Text Field.



Open Chrome and Click the "..." Menu
Open Chrome and Click the “…” Menu
Tap the "Share" Button
Tap the “Share” Button
Step 3
Click the “Cyber Dust’ Button from the Share Tool Menu
Step 3
Click “OK” to Choose Blast Recipients from your Followers, Friends, and Lists.


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