Cyber Dust Tip #6: Blast Lists

How to Use Blast Lists. Blasts are a great way to share content with multiple followers at once. However, there are times when you only want to send a blast to a select group of friends or coworkers. With Blast lists, you can quickly accomplish this task. A Blast list is a pre-made selection of your Cyber Dust friends you can quickly send a Blast to without sifting through all of your contacts. Once.. Read More

Cyber Dust Tip #5: Muting Blasts vs. Blocking Users

mute blasts

Muting Blasts vs. Blocking Users Muting blasts and/or blocking users allows you to control what content you receive on Cyber Dust. Muting a user’s blasts means you will no longer receive blast messages from that user but does NOT prevent a user from sending you dusts (private messages). Blocking a user blocks all forms of communication between you and the blocked user, preventing them from dusting you, sending you blasts, or receiving your blasts.   We explain more.. Read More