How to Use Blast Lists.

Blasts are a great way to share content with multiple followers at once. However, there are times when you only want to send a blast to a select group of friends or coworkers. With Blast lists, you can quickly accomplish this task.

A Blast list is a pre-made selection of your Cyber Dust friends you can quickly send a Blast to without sifting through all of your contacts. Once a Blast list is created, simply select the list on the recipient screen and press send. Follow the instructions below to get your first Blast list started!

Creating a Blast List

The quickest way to access your Blast lists is to navigate to the “Blast” tab and tap “Blast List” at the bottom of the window.

Blast List Button
Tap the “Blast List” button to edit and create your lists.



Tap the “create” button to begin your Blast list (or the “OK” button if this is your first list). You will be taken to a screen where you can name your Blast list.

Create List
Tap “Create” in the upper right corner or “Ok” in the center to create a list.



Once you have named your list, tap the red arrow to add contacts.

Name your Blast List and click the red arrow.
Name your Blast List and click the red arrow.



Scroll through your friends list and tap contacts to add them to your Blast list. Once you have added your friends, tap “OK” at the top of the screen to create your list.

Blast List Contact Menu
Tap contacts to add them to your list, and hit “OK” when you are finished.

Once your list is saved, you will be able to quickly send a Blast to the list from the Blast recipient screen.

To edit an existing list, simply tap “Blast Lists” and then tap on the list you want to edit. Tapping the red arrow next to list names shows all the current recipients, allowing you to quickly make sure you’re sending Blasts to the right people.


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