Muting Blasts vs. Blocking Users

Muting blasts and/or blocking users allows you to control what content you receive on Cyber Dust. Muting a user’s blasts means you will no longer receive blast messages from that user but does NOT prevent a user from sending you dusts (private messages). Blocking a user blocks all forms of communication between you and the blocked user, preventing them from dusting you, sending you blasts, or receiving your blasts.


We explain more below:


Muting Blasts

Muting blasts unsubscribes you from receiving a user’s blasts while still allowing the user to send you dusts and see your blasts.

There are several ways to mute a users blasts. To mute a users blasts from blasted content, tap “blasted by” at the top of the screen.


highlighted blasted by

This will reveal the user’s profile preview. Tap “mute blasts” to unsubscribe from all future blasts sent by this account.


highlighted muted blasts


Then tap Yes to confirm this action.




You can also mute blasts directly from your blasts tab. Simply tap on the grey three-dotted icon on a user’s card.


3 dots


You will then be prompted with a menu. Tap “mute blasts” to mute any future blasts from that user.


mute blasts


You can also easily mute a user’s blasts from within a dust room by tapping the red three-dotted icon in the upper right corner.


dusting with


Tap “mute blasts” to prevent the user from sending you any future blasts.


mute blasts


Each of these methods prevents you from receiving blasts you no longer wish to see.


Block Users

Sometimes muting blasts isn’t enough. If you want to cut off all communication between you and another user, you can choose “Block User”.

Blocking a user prevents them from sending you blasts AND dusts, it also prevents that user from receiving your blast messages. You can find the “Block User” option in blast view, your dust list, or within a dust room right next to the “Mute Blasts” option. The best part: the blocked user is never alerted that you’ve blocked him or her, so you won’t have to have that awkward “why did you block me?” conversation.

Want to quickly see all the users that you’ve muted and blocked? Simply head over to the more section by tapping the three-line button in the bottom right corner of the home screen. Scroll down, and tap “Muted/Blocked Users.”


Tap "Muted/Blocked" to see all the users you have muted or blocked.
Tap “Muted/Blocked” to see all the users you have muted or blocked.


A crossed out blast icon indicates a user that you’ve muted. A crossed out person indicates a blocked user. Tapping the orange “–” button will unmute a user’s blasts or unblock the user.


highlighted minus sign


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